EnWave confirms successful machine installation and commercial start-up at Natural Nutrition

EnWave aims to sign royalty bearing commercial licenses with leading food and pharmaceutical companies for the use of its revolutionary technology

EnWave Corporation is pleased to confirm the successful installation and start-up of a Radiant Energy Vacuum (REVT) machine at the facilities of Natural Nutrition Limited, a Chilean fruit processor focused on the production of high-quality, nutrient-rich products.

Natural Nutrition holds an exclusive license to use REVT technology for the dehydration of several specific fruit products in Chile, including blueberries and maquiberry.

Natural Nutrition has projected growth of at least of 50 tons of finished product per year during the next 4 years, both as whole dried fruit and powder.

With the implementation of REVT technology, Natural Nutrition aims to position itself as a benchmark and leader in Chile, Latin America and the world for the production of snack fruit, nutraceuticals and functional ingredients.

EnWave currently has four licenses signed with partners for the commercial production of high-quality fruit products using REVT technology.