Evonik introduces branded PQQ ingredient - PentaQQ


Evonik Health Care expands its portfolio of health ingredients and formulation solutions

Evonik just introduced PentaQQ, its new brand for pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), also known as methoxatin, a molecule found in very small quantities in certain foods such as fermented soybeans and green pepper. Research suggests that PQQ has a beneficial effect on the mitochondria of human cells and is found in nutritional solutions for the protection of cognitive abilities.

“The dietary supplement market is growing. Around the world, people are becoming increasingly health conscious and are willing to do more to ensure their own well-being. They also want to be sure that dietary supplements are safe and effective. This is where Evonik Health Care can help by supplying the market with high quality ingredients and by formulating these ingredients to maximise stability and bioavailability,” states Dr. Ludger Eilers, Head of Evonik Health Care’s Food Segment.

Evonik supports its customers with health ingredients such as PentaQQ, the REXIVA amino acid range, and Healthberry 865, an extract from Scandinavian bilberries and black currants.

Formulation experts at Evonik have also recently developed ‘floating capsules’ – ideal for nutritional supplement ingredients that only achieve maximum effectiveness if retained in the stomach for an extended period.

Evonik has combined EUDRAGUARD control with a gas-generating agent to design capsules that remain buoyant and gradually release the ingredients over a period of up to four hours inside the stomach. This gives the human body more time to absorb the active substances. This innovative floating capsule technology – named EUDRATEC GRS – can also be used to ensure effective administration of other polyphenols or green tea extracts.

Dr. Thomas Hermann, Head of Evonik Health Care’s Pharma & Food Ingredients Product Line, explains, “Our intention is to continue to develop our portfolio of nutritional ingredients and formulation technologies to address health conditions which affect growing segments of the population.”

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Evonik’s portfolio of health ingredients and formulation solutions will be highlighted at this year’s HI Europe from 29th of November until 1st of December in Frankfurt, at the Evonik booth (H15).