Evonik receives EU market clearance for AvailOm


The nutraceutical partner has received European clearance to market its high-load Omega-3 powder for use in supplements

Evonik receives EU market clearance for AvailOm

Evonik, a global partner to nutraceutical companies for advanced food ingredients and formulation development services, has received clearance to market its innovative high-concentration Omega-3 lysine powder complex AvailOm for use in the European Union (EU).

AvailOm is the highest-load Omega-3 powder in its class with a minimum of 45% EPA and DHA by weight. A single, small tablet made from AvailOm can deliver the same Omega-3 fatty acid uptake as two large fish oil softgel capsules.

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In addition to delivering unmatched protection against oxidation based upon 3 years of stability data, it is also direct compressible and can be customised to meet specific formulation requirements.

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Cornelis van den Muyzenberg, VP of Food Ingredients and Strategic Projects at Evonik Health Care, said: “The superior potency, bioavailability and stability of AvailOm creates a significant opportunity for nutraceutical companies to develop single and multi-ingredient consumer-friendly supplements. We look forward to supporting customers develop new formulations that are enabled by this innovative nutraceutical ingredient."