ExcelVite launches the only tocotrienol educational website with a brand new look

Visit the new www.tocotrienol.org today

ExcelVite, the world’s largest and only GMP-certified producer of tocotrienol in the market, is very pleased to announce the launch of its new tocotrienol educational website: www.tocotrienol.org.

It is the only tocotrienol educational website dedicated to disseminating information on tocotrienols, often touted as the vitamin E of the 21st century.

The website boasts new features and comprehensive information as well as visual representations such as videos and infographics, which make the science and technical information on tocotrienol easier to comprehend and consumer-friendly. The new website can also be viewed on different devices such as desktop, laptop, mobile phone and tablet.

The tocotrienol.org website is regularly accessed by consumers, students and researchers for important information and updates about tocotrienol.

By navigating the menu, viewers will be able to find details about tocotrienol from its historical discovery, sources, bioavailability, featured articles, infographics and videos. The website is, as its tagline describes, a 'Complete Online Source of Information on Tocotrienol.'

The Internet is a valuable platform for the dissemination of reliable and valid health and nutrition information. Approximately 70% of European and American citizens regularly use the internet for health-related purposes and information.

This tocotrienol educational website is an attempt to address this trend and to bring the science and knowledge of tocotrienols to the forefront.

Says W.H. Leong, CEO of ExcelVite: '65% of digital media time is spent on mobile devices according to the 2016 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus report. To keep up with this digital trend, and as the leading producer of tocotrienols in the market, we have redesigned the website to allow for fast and mobile friendly access so that viewers will continue to gain valuable updates about tocotrienols.'

'Research interest in tocotrienol is growing so fast that information on the website is being updated more regularly now than before. More importantly, we want to take complex scientific information and make them easy to understand, especially for consumers. The website will also be available in different languages in the future. We welcome you to visit the new tocotrienol website and encourage you to share with your friends and colleagues,' added Leong.

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