Faravelli releases smart working video of employees amid COVID-19 crisis

The Italian company has launched #faravelliinsmartworking, a video campaign which tells the story of the smart working experience of its employees

Reached via Skype in the first days of the COVID-19 emergency, before the DPCM of 9 March was enforced, 20 collaborators at Faravelli spoke about their smart working experience, amid some initial concerns.

These conversations were compiled to create #faravelliinsmartworking, a short film, which Faravelli has launched on its social channels, YouTube, LinkedIn , Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As an already active feature of the company for several months, smart working was extended and strengthened immediately at the start of the COVID-19 emergency. The aim: to ensure the safety of all of its collaborators, while retaining the same level of service and operation of the supply chain and service to essential sectors.

Faravelli is a distributor of pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients, food additives and ingredients, feed additives and raw materials, raw materials for medical devices and detergent products, essential sectors that are not subject to interruption.

To watch the video, click here, or follow the link below for more information.

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