Fatty acid oxidation kit

AMSBIO has introduced the MitoXpress Xtra Fatty Acid Oxidation (FAO) kit to facilitate the convenient measurement of FAO-driven respiration

Fatty acid oxidation is the primary metabolic pathway in a variety of tissues, which is particularly important during periods of glucose deprivation.

In organs such as liver and skeletal muscle, FAO can provide more than 75% of cellular ATP, while in cardiac tissue it can be responsible for up to 90% of cellular energy requirements.

FAO is today also acknowledged as a key factor in cancer metabolism and is also implicated in drug-induced microsteatosis.

The MitoXpress Xtra FAO kit is designed for use with the MitoXpress Xtra HS Oxygen Consumption Assay and contains the 18C unsaturated fatty acid oleate as substrate, supplied as a 2:1 BSA conjugate.

The kit also contains a buffer tablet and L-carnitine for convenient preparation of measurement media and two FAO modulators, Etomoxir and FCCP.

AMSBIO's MitoXpress Xtra reagents offer a convenient fluorescence plate reader-based, high throughput approach to the direct real-time analysis of mitochondrial oxygen consumption.

The easy-to-use MitoXpress Xtra FAO kit provides a direct measure of the primary pathway for the degradation of fatty acids — mitochondrial fatty acid ß oxidation.