FenuSMART - The NEXTGEN fenugreek for hormonal balance: Nature’s choice for women's health

Published: 8-Apr-2021

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It is estimated that almost 1.2 billion women in the world would be on menopausal stage by 2030. Menopausal stage is where women undergo hormonal imbalance and hence a battery of discomforts affecting the quality of life. A safe medication for the management of menopausal symptoms has yet to come, since the current practice of HRT and NSAIDs are known to be associated with side effects.

Here lies the need for a complete natural product, especially from a food component to safeguard women's health. Though fenugreek is known as antidiabetic and libido/aphrodisiac actions, its hormonal safety and efficacy is not clear. FenuSMART® has transformed the menopausal landscape by helping to establish the hormonal balance, and therefore alleviating sexual disorders and quality of life among healthy and post/peri- menopausal women.

It has been shown by 4-RCTs to improve the vasomotor, psychological and urogenital discomforts in just 14 days with a significant hormonal balance as shown by the plasma levels of critical reproductive hormones regulated by the hypothalamic-pituitary- gonadal (HPG)-axis with no side effects. The benefits of FenuSMART® is attributed to its unique phytonutrient profile which makes it The NEXTGEN fenugreek extract: The natures choice for women's health. FenuSMART® is 100% natural, clean label and ORGANIC, with complete traceability.

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