Firmenich launches platform to create authentic taste experience


Focused on creating the most authentic flavours the platform will combine the companies' mastery of taste and naturals, with its world-class science and consumer understanding

Firmenich is proud to launch its Natural and Clean Label platform to create great tasting, natural and traceable food and beverage experiences.

Combining its mastery of taste and naturals, with its world-class science and consumer understanding, Firmenich is focused on creating the most authentic flavours.

Committed to full traceability, Firmenich is going beyond today’s labelling requirements to provide its customers and their consumers with information they can understand and trust.

“Traceability is an absolute priority for our industry and a topic that I am personally committed to,” said Patrick Firmenich, Chairman of the Board, Firmenich.

“There are no half measures here, that’s why we are embracing technology and working with all our partners to shape the most transparent experience.”

“At Firmenich we are passionate about mastering taste across all its dimensions, from being at the source of the best quality of natural ingredients, all the way to creating unique experiences that consumers love,” said Gilbert Ghostine, CEO, Firmenich.

“In a world of increasingly label-conscious consumers, our Natural and Clean Label platform is dedicated to developing a portfolio of the most authentic taste profiles that our customers and their consumers can trust.”

“With our new Natural and Clean label platform, we are putting our world-class science to work to create high-intensity taste profiles drawn from nature in a sustainable and traceable way,” said Jerome Barra, VP Innovation & Design.

“We use a range of techniques, from soft, solvent-free and CO2 extractions, all the way to 'kitchen techniques' leveraging culinary arts, as well as innovative bio-based approaches like fermentation to offer the best of nature sustainably.”

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Stephanie Salord, Head of Natural & Clean Label Platform, added: “Our goal is to go far beyond the label to offer consumers the authenticity, familiarity and transparency they expect. It’s all about providing end-to-end traceability in a format that consumers can understand and trust, from the source of the ingredients and country of origin, all the way to the production process.”