Firmenich opens Culinary Discovery Center in Thailand

This centre will develop innovative culinary solutions for consumers in Southeast Asia and beyond

Firmenich has announced the opening of a new Culinary Discovery Center in Bangkok, Thailand, to serve as the Group’s hub for Southeast Asia.

This new facility provides a collaborative environment where Firmenich chefs, flavorists and food technologists can work together with customers to shape the future of food. Fully immersed into the region's culinary heritage, this centre will develop innovative culinary solutions cutting across savoury, sweet goods and beverages for consumers in Southeast Asia and beyond.

"This investment reflects South East Asia's importance to Firmenich as both a strategic growth region, as well as a savoury hub for Firmenich, says Chris Millington, President of Flavors, Firmenich. "Putting our innovation to work, our chefs are dedicated to creating authentic, great tasting, nutritious products from smart proteins all the way to sugar, salt and fat reduction, in close collaboration with our local and regional customers."

Firmenich has also just launched "Culinary Anthropology", a new and proprietary "design thinking" approach to developing savoury products with customers through creative ideation and rapid-prototyping which will be employed at the culinary discovery center and throughout Southeast Asia.