Fortification with calcium carbonate — a solid choice


When it comes to calcium-fortified foods, Omya Calcipur — Omya-Cal in the US — is the right choice

Omya Calcipur has a high calcium content, making it one of the most concentrated sources of this element on the market.

This means the same calcium dose in a finished product can be achieved more efficiently with calcium carbonate than with alternative solutions. Depending on the amount used, calcium related claims can be stated on packaging.

Possible applications include infant nutrition, bakery produce, snack bars and breakfast cereals. Cows’ milk alternatives are a key application and in all cases, a special focus can be placed on bone health.

Plant-based drinks

In the light of increased food intolerances and the rise of veganism, plant-based drinks made with soy, rice, oat or almond are becoming more and more popular. With Omya Calcipur or Omya-Cal, manufacturers can produce beverages with a calcium content that is equivalent to that of cows’ milk.

To achieve the best possible results in terms of nutrition and taste when adding calcium carbonate, getting the particle size right is critical to ensuring stability and keeping sedimentation rates as low as possible.

This bright white mineral is available in different grades and particle sizes, manufacturers will always have access to the best solution for their individual needs. Used as an ingredient, it can significantly improve the overall opacity of end products and contribute to an appealing appearance.

Boosting bone health

Targeting the world’s increasingly ageing populations, concepts for bone health are in high demand. Two ingredients from the company’s versatile portfolio are perfect for such formulations, Omyapure as an active ingredient and Omyapharm as an excipient.

Omyapure is a high purity natural calcium carbonate — the ideal choice for calcium supplementation and osteoporosis treatment — while the excipient Omyapharm offers superior technological properties. As an efficient carrier for multiple substances, it has a high loading capacity for active ingredients.

Its specific morphology, external lamellae structure and internal network of interconnected pores allows Omyapharm to facilitate the production of tablets that uniquely feature both high porosity and maximum levels of hardness.

Added vitamins K2 and D3 from the company’s distribution portfolio improve calcium absorption. Supplements based on this formulation, together with a balanced diet, provide enough calcium to reach the recommended daily allowance (RDA), as specified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The combination of its proprietary calcium carbonates and ingredients from its distribution portfolio enable Omya to develop holistic solutions that fit current market trends and consumer demands.

To name just a few, these ingredients include chicory root and agave fibres, organic agave syrup as a natural sweetener, hydrocolloids and gums, cocoa powders, plant-based replacements for glycols and glycerin, natural excipients, natural colours, functional extracts, flours and pre cooked grains, proteins and natural foam control agents.

At Supply Side West, visitors looking to fortify foodstuffs with calcium should definitely head to the Omya booth, M179, and talk to the company’s experts about Omya-Cal.

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