FrieslandCampina introduces its latest dairy protein ingredients

Micelate Prestige has been launched this week in Europe and is a key addition to FrieslandCampina’s growing portfolio of performance nutrition solutions

Micelate Prestige is a premium quality, cold-processed, native micellar casein isolate, derived from high quality milk.

According to FrieslandCampina its difference lies in its prolonged digestion profile when compared with other common dairy protein sources available in the sports nutrition market today.

This prolonged digestion profile ensures a sustained release of amino acids, supporting muscle mass and strength gain augmentation during sleep or when a longer recovery period is available. This profile is perfectly suited to meet the overnight recovery needs of elite athletes.

Mieke Acda, Product Group Manager at FrieslandCampina, said: “Consumers and athletes around the world are increasingly looking beyond just ingredients towards more natural, less processed nutritional solutions with proven benefits. Our journey in developing this solution started with understanding the requirements of elite athletes.”

“Our end user research indicated athletes’ priorities lie in supporting their recovery and increasing their performance to the maximum — but so far there was no premium solution available that ticked all the right boxes. Micelate Prestige addresses those needs and is now available to sports nutrition manufacturers looking to tap into overnight recovery and the “clean & natural” label trend.”

Just as with regular micellar casein, Micelate Prestige extraction process starts with fresh milk, but that is where the similarities end. Micelate Prestige micellar casein isolate is obtained through microfiltration, which results in a 95:5 casein: whey ratio. It is cold-processed and native, which means the structure of the micelles is comparable to that of fresh milk.

Micelate Prestige offers a pleasant sensory experience. It is an ideal component for high protein powdered beverages. Its slow digestion profile makes it suited for products aimed towards evening consumption.

Every day Royal FrieslandCampina provides millions of consumers globally with food that is rich in valuable nutrients from milk. Customers are increasingly choosing on the basis of performance in terms of quality, transparency, sustainability and grazing. This starts at the farm and ends with the product.

FrieslandCampina manages the whole production chain. From grass to glass. FrieslandCampina Ingredients is a global leader in dairy-based ingredients and solutions, providing great nutrition and taste for a high quality of life. The business group Ingredients helps customers to win in the market, especially in the areas where nutrition matters most.