Frutarom launches next generation antioxidants for instant drinks


Squeezing health into your beverage

Frutarom Health announces NutraT, the next-generation instant drink powder with all the benefits of a healthy Mediterranean diet. The all-natural antioxidants line will be launched at Vitafoods Europe, Geneva.

Extracting the best innovation from the Mediterranean diet is the expertise of Nutrafur SA, now a member of the Frutarom family. Nutrafur developed NutraT, a line of ready-to-use soluble powder formulas that dissolve easily in water, soft drinks and dairy products. Once the powders dissolve, the beverage stays clear, without turbidity, and deliver fresh flavour.

'The NutraT line offers water and soft drink manufacturers the ability to fortify their products with exceptional natural extracts that typically are not water-soluble,' explains Maria Dolores Garcia, Product Manager for Frutarom Health. 'This opens up new opportunities to develop products with new flavours that include ingredients delivering the essence of a healthy Mediterranean diet.'

OliveT: This formulation contains all the beneficial compounds from the olive and provides more than 25% olive polyphenol content. Just 5g/250mL of liquid provides 43-45mg of olive polyphenols. Recent studies demonstrated that these olive extracts can help to regulate blood pressure and support blood circulation.

CynaxT: An exotic formulation that brings the health benefits of artichokes with a 5% polyphenol content. Recent studies demonstrated that artichokes can help to regulate serum cholesterol levels, thanks to the plant’s choleretic and diuretic properties. A single 5g/250mL liquid shot of CynaxT mixed with water or another beverage provides 25mg of polyphenols and supports renal water elimination and healthy blood circulation.

RosT: The high-phenolic compound content, combined via Nutrafur’s unique production method, guarantees RosT’s significant antioxidant capacity and preserves its pleasant taste. Products fortified with RosT allow beverage producers to position their product as a 'beauty from within' drink or as a 'better sleep' aid. RosT’s 5g/250mL provides 50mg of polyphenols.

CitroT: A soluble extract with high bioflavonoid content. Citrus bioflavonoids are known to provide a protective effect on the cardiovascular system. A concentration of 5g/250mL (liquid) provides 340mg of citrus bioflavonoids.

All four mixes are produced using sustainable sources, are heat stable at up to 70°C, and are both Kosher and Halal certified.

'We work with our clients step by step to maximise the active ingredient potential in each product application, customising the formulation to their unique requirements,' notes Garcia. 'All NutraT nutrients enable clean-label claims and, because of Frutarom’s expertise in health and flavour applications, we can tackle technological problems and provide nutritional and freshness solutions using ingredients derived from pure, sustainable extracts.'

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The complete Frutarom Health NutraT Mediterranean line is compatible with other health, research-supported ingredients such as its Neuravena or Portusana. NutraT can be incorporated into a food or beverage matrix, such as water, fruit juice, yoghurt, kefir or milk, or as a final product in powder sticks, sachets or inside a powder-dispensing bottle cap to prepare enhanced beverages immediately before use.