GEA supplies refrigeration and equipment to food companies


The company has subsequently earned four nominations in this year’s RAC Cooling Awards

GEA supplies refrigeration and equipment to food companies

GEA has supplied Mackie’s of Scotland and Quorn Foods with compressor equipment and refrigeration solutions, reportedly providing improved efficiency, energy savings and reduced carbon footprints.

At Mackie’s, GEA supplied an environmentally friendly refrigeration system, creating what it claims is Scotland’s first large-scale plant combining biomass heat and absorption chilling.

The ice cream brand replaced existing freezing equipment at its Aberdeenshire facility with GEA’s ammonia-based, low carbon, power efficient refrigeration unit that incorporates an absorption chiller supplied with the help of German company AGO.

GEA also won a contract from Quorn Foods to replace an obsolete compressor at the veggie food company’s North Yorkshire facility with a Grasso conversion kit, a larger compressor that increased the refrigeration capacity at the plant by an extra 7%.

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In addition to the conversion kit, GEA also replaced the existing controller with an OMNI Retrofit panel controller. The work was reportedly carried out and completed during a small window of opportunity, enabling Quorn Foods to get back into production earlier than expected.