GELITA supports major sporting event in "corona year"

Numerous running events have been cancelled this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. GELITA, one of the leading manufacturers of collagen proteins, has decided to continue its involvement in sports, particularly in this situation

Happily crossing the finish line after 42k: the winner of the Trail Marathon course Merle Brunnée (Engelhorn sports team)

"As a supplier of collagen peptides, which, among other things, help to keep bones and joints mobile and healthy, we have a strong affinity to the topic of sport," explains Michael Teppner, Global Vice President Marketing and Communication at GELITA.

Within the scope of its corporate social responsibility activities, the company has been supporting the GELITA Trail Marathon in Heidelberg, near the company's headquarters in Eberbach, since 2016.

The race is particularly popular with both professional and amateur athletes because of its demanding and attractive route.

Thanks to GELITA's support, it was possible to hold the running event successfully at the beginning of October — even under this year's exceptional circumstances.

"We are delighted that our commitment has once again played a role in inspiring people to take up special sporting challenges," says Teppner.

After so many sporting events had to be cancelled in recent months, the rush for a starting place in the Trail Marathon showed how important the competition is for many people.

"In line with our principle of Improving Quality of Life, we evidently hit the bull's eye and managed to delight numerous sports enthusiasts in these difficult times," Teppner explains.