Galam invests $20m in sc-FOS facilities in Israel and Spain


In addition to its prebiotic properties, FOS may contribute to sugar reduction and fibre enrichment demands

Galam invests m in sc-FOS facilities in Israel and Spain

Galam has recently launched two production plants for sc-FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides/oligofructose), both with a strict quality control system and a capacity of thousands of tons.

The plant located in Israel specializes in FOS production in powder form and exports worldwide, while the plant in Spain (Barcelona) specializes in liquid FOS production to support the European market. 

Galam's short chain sc-FOS (branded GOFOS) is produced from beet sugar by a proprietary enzymatic process.

Liad Cohen, CEO at Galam said: “We have decided to invest $20M in our new facilities. The world’s demand for prebiotic fibers in general and FOS in particular is rapidly increasing and Galam is working on being a major supplier of high quality sc-FOS in this growing worldwide market.” 

Dr Fernando Schved, VP R&D, Support & CSO at Galam said: “Short chain fructo-oligosaccharides (sc-FOS) are one group of strong prebiotics highly known and documented for their beneficial roles in colon wellbeing. The shorter oligosaccharides consisting of sc-FOS have been documented to be effectively fermented thus providing a proven prebiotic effect at lower doses.”

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The prebiotic is suitable for food applications such as cereals, energy bars, dairy and non-dairy products, confectionary, bakery, chocolate and more.