GanedenBC30 is gluten-free

Independent lab confirms compliance with FDA gluten specifications

In response to recent news that some probiotics may contain gluten, Ganeden Biotech reaffirmed that its probiotic GanedenBC30 is gluten-free and can be labelled as such according to the standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The testing, performed by Q Laboratories, one of the oldest and most respected food testing labs in the world, tested each Ganeden probiotic ingredient for the presence of wheat, barley and rye glutens, which are the peptides implicated in digestive disorders.

Q Labs used the sensitive ELISA test method in which antibodies react with the gluten peptides and yields a quantitative determination of the amount of gluten present in the probiotic material. This test is accurate for quantities of gluten far lower than that involved in any digestive disorder.

'As a science-driven company, we were more than happy to have an independent third party reconfirm to the public and our probiotic food and beverage partners that our ingredients meet FDA standards for being gluten free,' says Andy Lefkowitz, the President and CEO of Ganeden.