Garden of Flavor probiotic energy named best energy beverage


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First organic, cold-pressed probiotic energy drink with GanedenBC30 wins best bite award

With the growing concern regarding the health effects of energy drinks, Lisa Marie, founder of Garden of Flavor, decided to craft a truly healthy and beneficial energy drink in which every ingredient benefits the body.

Garden of Flavor's cold-pressed energy combines Ecuadorian guayusa, cold-pressed juice and GanedenBC30 living probiotics for an energy drink that not only provides sustainable energy without jitters and resulting crash, but also feeds and nourishes the body. As a result, Garden of Flavor's cold-pressed energy wheatgrass was recently awarded Delicious Living magazine's best bite award for best energy beverage.

Lisa Marie had wanted to create an energy drink that contained effective but healthy amounts of caffeine for some time, but it was when her son Mason returned from a study abroad trip to South America with Ecuadorian guayusa leaves that the idea was born.

Lisa Marie began replacing her morning green tea with guayusa leaves that she combined with turmeric tonic, one of Garden of Flavor's cold-pressed juices, and realised an immediate yet steady energy.

She began experimenting by combining guayusa with organic, cold-pressed juices known for their wellness benefits, and eventually created four recipes (Aronia Berries, Pear & Lemon, Wheatgrass and Turmeric & Ginger). She then included GanedenBC30 living probiotic cultures to support immune health, digestive health and protein utilisation.

Garden of Flavor sources and utilises fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and grasses in making its USDA Organic-certified cold-pressed energy in its juicing facility in Cleveland (OH, USA).

Awarded by Delicious Living magazine, the best bite awards highlight the wealth of natural food and beverage products on grocery store shelves that excel in health, ingredient sustainability, social mission and of course, flavour.

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'We are honoured that Delicious Living recognised our cold-pressed energy as the best energy beverage and to receive a best bite award,' stated Garden of Flavor's founder, Lisa Marie Reed. 'As people continue to seek out beverage options that provide the benefits found only in fresh, natural, organic produce, we will continue to innovate and make the healthiest organic cold-pressed juices and energy drinks nature has to offer.'