Geltor and GELITA to make ingestible animal-free collagen proteins

Companies have signed a letter of intent at SSW to launch the new ingredient in late 2020

L-R: Hans-Ulrich Frech of GELITA and Geltor's Alexander Lorestani

In the halls of the SupplySide West (SSW) Expo, executives from both GELITA and Geltor signed a letter of intent for developing, producing and marketing ingestible animal-free collagen proteins. The new ingredient is set to be launched in late 2020.

Geltor would design and produce the premium biodesigned collagen while GELITA would conduct clinical research and commercialise the product as an addition to its existing collagen portfolio.

Geltor CEO and co-founder Alexander Lorestani, commented: “This pact further solidifies our view that we have entered a new era in how proteins are being utilised to improve products that consumers around the world use every day. We couldn’t be more excited to work with GELITA on delivering the next generation of collagens to consumers.”

GELITA, the official Collagen Protein sponsor of SSW and a powerhouse in the global collagen protein market, has been the first such collagen producer to heavily invest in the potential and promise of biodesign with Geltor.

Now, taking its investment to the next level, GELITA is becoming a more active partner in the design, research and commercialisation of next generation collagen ingredients.

GELITA is becoming a more active partner in the design, research and commercialisation of next-generation collagen ingredients

Geltor, a biodesign company creating high-value designer proteins through fermentation, is the first to tap into the animal-free collagen market. The company is behind Collume, the first of its award-winning portfolio of completely animal-free, topical protein ingredients for the skincare market. Geltor is also behind HumaColl21, a marine collagen, and human collagen.

The agreement with GELITA marks the beginning of the California-based company’s expansion into the food and beverage market.

Globally, GELITA’s collagen peptides have experienced double-digit market growth with no sign of slowing in the future.

As the pioneer in progressive collagen peptide research and production, GELITA is optimistic in Geltor’s ambitions to develop their proprietary biodesign platform to commercialise the world’s first ingestible animal-free collagen.

“GELITA’s decision to invest in biodesign technologies is a prime example of our commitment to innovation and satisfying market needs," said Hans-Ulrich Frech, GELITA’s Global Vice President of Business Unit Collagen Peptides.

For Frech, GELITA's impending portfolio expansion into non-animal based collagen peptides will further secure the company's position in the market for ever-demanding vegan products.

"This addition to GELITA’s collagen portfolio will complement the already robust portfolio of scientifically substantiated Bioactive Collagen Peptides, which are key ingredients in foods and nutritional supplements for their protein content and physiological benefits," Frech concluded.