Gencor's 4Liver keeps the body’s filter clean with potent herbal extract

Published: 27-Feb-2023

One capsule of 300mg of 4Liver per day significantly reduces Fatty Liver Index

Gencor has announce the latest addition to its herbal supplement products range: 4Liver. Developed with the latest technology using traditional herbal extracts traditionally used in ayurvedic practices in India, 4Liver was designed to help keep this crucial organ cleaner by helping prevent fatty liver with continued detoxing and improved metabolism and proper functioning.

“We are overjoyed to bring this potent apoptogenic ingredient to our line of tried-and-true herbal and botanical supplement ingredients. Like many of Gencor’s formulas, all of which undergo rigorous scientific analysis, peer review and clinical testing, 4Liver is another easy, natural option to help individuals detox the liver and improve overall function and adaptation to common stressors on the body. We are proud to provide solutions for people to experience wellness across the world,” said Ramasamy Venkatesh, Co-Founder of Gencor and Business Development Specialist.

What does for 4Liver do?

One capsule of 300mg of 4Liver per day significantly reduces Fatty Liver Index, helps prevent progression of Fatty liver, helps detox the liver and improves digestion and metabolism. Researched benefits of taking 4Liver in non-alcoholic, overweight adults include improved liver health, metabolic health and energy.

What’s inside the supplement?

4Liver is a potent herbal extract combining two botanicals namely Terminalia chebula (fruit) and Sphaeranthus indicus (Flower). T. Chebula and S. indicus are adaptogenic herbs; adaptogens help the body adjust to physical, chemical, or biological stress. 

Gencor is the life stage solutions company dedicated to creating formulas and supplements with pure, ecological ingredients clinically proven to attain optimal health and wellness. With a focus on sports nutrition, healthy aging, cognitive health, women’s and men’s health, metabolic and weight management, as well as immune health, Gencor’s successful branded ingredients bring the best-in-class herb extracts and dietary supplement ingredients to customers globally. 4Liver is the latest branded ingredient from Gencor available to major manufacturers of dietary supplements.

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