Glanbia Nutritionals presents innovative ingredients for protein, gluten-free and immune boosting applications at HiE 2016


Visit Glanbia Nutritionals at Health ingredients Europe on stand G44 to meet its team of experts and learn more about its expanding portfolio of nutritional and functional solutions

Glanbia Nutritionals presents innovative ingredients for protein, gluten-free and immune boosting applications at HiE 2016

Glanbia Nutritionals, a global leader in nutrition for the food, beverage, supplement and animal nutrition industries, will put the spotlight on protein, gluten-free and immune boosting ingredients for a range of applications at HiE 2016.

Visitors will have the opportunity to meet the experts and learn more about Glanbia Nutritionals’ broader range of food and ingredient solutions, custom-built services and ability to supply globally. An exciting choice of product innovations on stand will demonstrate how Glanbia Nutritionals’ unique recipe for co-innovation partnerships can deliver the best solutions, faster. 

Showcasing its expertise in protein formulation for enhanced nutrition, Glanbia Nutritionals will give visitors the opportunity to taste its high-protein high-fibre Bar, featuring BarPro modified milk protein isolate.

Barpro delivers unique texture while minimising bar hardening. Offering high levels of dairy protein, essential for muscle maintenance and nutrition. High Protein High Fiber Bar is ideal for those who exercise or as a healthy snack on-the-go.

Also presented at the booth will be a plant-based gluten-free healthy muesli, a blend of natural whole grains and seeds and gluten-free oat flakes. It is made with ChoiceChia Black MP, whole chiaseeds which are a great source of vegetarian ALA omega-3, fibre, protein and calcium.

It also contains ChoiceGrad Brown MP, a whole flaxseed recognised for its high level of ALA omega-3, providing dietary fibre and proteins. The muesli features gluten-free quick cook oat flakes, cultivated under the tight control of Glanbia’s NSF certified OatSecure closed loop supply chain.

Lastly it also contributes to strong bones and healthy muscle function due to calcium and MenaQ7, the first-in-class, only clinically researched vitamin K2 (MK- 7) which helps the body properly utilise calcium to build healthy bone tissue while inhibiting calcium deposits in the arteries and blood vessels.

Other product developments on display include a high-protein hot drink – an innovative alternative that allows customers to add protein in hot beverage applications, like in the instant hot coffee macchiato.

The natural caffeine content of the coffee drink in combination with the vitamin B complex and the high protein content from Nutrasol 496 provide a source of sustainable energy.

Owing to Nutrasol’s special features to withstand brewing temperature, as well as its high solubility in fast brewing processes, the hydrolysed whey protein makes it possible to develop tasty and easy to prepare hot ready to mix (RTM) solutions.

Finally, Glanbia Nutritionals highlights its immune boosting support capabilities with its Immunity tablet supplements prototype. Containing Bioferrin, a natural, biologically active milk protein isolated from sweet whey, in combination with vitamin C. When combined, these ingredients support a network of healthy biological functions including immune boost, intestinal health, cardiovascular health and skin health.

'Whether it’s our expertise in proteins, bioactives and seeds, or our ability to deliver nutrition with more compelling formats and flavours. By having these capabilities and more under one roof we’re able to create the functional solutions that today’s, in-demand consumer products require,' says Alex von den Steinen, Chief Product & Innovation Officer at Glanbia Nutritionals.

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'Having a broad portfolio of solutions is important, but what really matters is knowing how to make ingredients work, whether individually in applications or optimising how they work together creating standout products. Glanbia Nutritionals is uniquely positioned to help suppliers creating the right combination of proteins and fibres that can give functional bars the texture people love, help with new formats for good tasting high protein-drinks and with how gluten free can be included in the daily diet in a favorable and enjoyable product, or even finding the right format can deliver immune boosting features in an exciting new way.'