Glanbia Nutritionals showcases creativity with innovative prototypes at Vitafoods Europe


Leading nutrition specialist, Glanbia Nutritionals, will be presenting its extensive portfolio and applications expertise through a range of innovative prototypes at this year’s Vitafoods Europe

Glanbia Nutritionals showcases creativity with innovative prototypes at Vitafoods Europe

Experts will be on stand H82 to demonstrate how the latest ingredient advances can help to create customised beverage formulations and nutritional solutions that meet current consumer trends.

Super smooth and healthy

Glanbia Nutritionals will be highlighting its beverage formulation expertise with an orange and mango superfood smoothie, packed with nutritional super grains Choice Chia Black MP and BevGrad XS.

The drink uses fresh juice stabilised through non-thermal high-pressure processing (HPP), allowing the nutrients to be retained without affecting taste.

The Chia provides an excellent source of fibre and protein, along with the BevGrad XS, a super-finely milled flaxseed with excellent dispersibility, imparts a superior smoothie texture that holds widespread appeal to consumers.

Fortified with a heart health-specific premix, containing vitamins B1, B6, B12 and vitamin E, as well as potassium, the drink is designed to contribute to normal heart function, maintain blood pressure and protect from oxidative stress.

Each 330 mL serving also delivers 2 g of plant-based omega-3 from the super grains – aiding normal blood cholesterol levels. Served in bottles, the superfood smoothie presents a healthy, natural fresh juice based on-the-go solution for active 50+ consumers looking for heart health benefits in a convenient, tasty format.

The millennial whey

In addition, Glanbia will present a high protein vanilla mocha shake developed for young, active on-the-go consumers, who are seeking nutritional and functional beverage solutions to fit with their busy lifestyles.

Containing WheyXR, a whey protein concentrate, one of the latest innovative ingredients from Glanbia Nutritionals, the shake is designed to further the health benefits of protein supplementation in an active lifestyle.

The beverage comprises a superior whey protein that provides an enhanced release of amino acids at a slower rate of digestion – helping to ensure improved absorption of protein, providing active millennials with a sustained source of nutrition and protein to help them stay active throughout the day.

A much healthier way to fuel their busy lifestyles than a soda or candy bar.

Combined with a tailored mix of vitamins and minerals that supports physical recovery and retains energy, contributing to normal immune system function and protecting the body from oxidative stress.

Whey cleaner

Visitors to stand H82 can also find out more about Glanbia Nutritionals’ clean and natural whey shake: a ready-to-mix beverage with clean label benefits, aimed at discerning consumers.

Incorporating Truly Grass Fed whey protein isolate (WPI), the drink has a pure, natural and delicious dairy taste thanks to its pure whey ingredient and a sucralose and stevia mix – with no hidden ingredients.

The prototype offers sustainable, functional nutrition through WPI that is 95% certified grass fed. Using ingredients from family run farms, where temperature and climate is moderated, the beverage presents an environmentally responsible solution that appeals to both the mainstream and those looking for enhanced sports nutrition.

Innovation in the spotlight

“Vitafoods Europe is an exciting time for the Glanbia Nutritionals team. Not only will we be presenting the latest solutions that showcase our extensive expertise in the nutrition industry, but we are also highlighting two new ingredients: IGNITOR and WheyXR, which offer clean label nutrition to fit mainstream fitness and modern lifestyles."

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"With people becoming more health conscious than ever before, we are certain that this year’s solutions will offer targeted nutritional benefits to meet consumers’ growing needs,” comments Dagmar Ortlepp, Marketing Manager at Glanbia Nutritionals.