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A key trend with weight management dietary supplements is the availability of gold-standard clinical science to support these ingredients. This helps build trust with consumers.

PLT’s extraordinarily successful Slendacor® Weight Management Complex underscores these trends in that it has become the fastest selling ingredient for weight management in the United States, Australia and Brazil in a range of consumer products. Statistically significant weight loss starts at 14 days. Gold standard clinical studies have shown that it assists in consistent weight loss over a 16-week study period.

Slendacor is a novel, patented formulation of three standardized herbal extracts: turmeric (Curcuma longa), moringa (Moringa oleifera) and curry leaf (Murraya koenigeii). It was developed through an extensive screening of botanicals with the potential to support weight loss.  Slendacor has been featured in top-selling consumer weight management brands in the United States, Brazil, Australia, Asia and Europe.

Slendacor’s patented approach to supporting weight management targets fat metabolism: it inhibits accumulation of fat in fat cells (lipogenesis) and enhances breakdown of fat cells (lipolysis). Slendacor has been clinically shown to significantly enhance weight loss and help re-shape the body. Two years in development, Slendacor WD allows formulators of weight management products to deliver it in almost any product form: from powders and shakes to chews, gummies and shots.

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