HERZA Schokolade to present new chocolate trend products for the food industry and private labels

Published: 30-Jan-2017

At this year’s BioFach in Nuremberg, HERZA Schokolade will present attractive new products enabling manufacturers of muesli, ice cream, bakery products and snacks to follow current consumer trends

For the retail trade, in particular, the company offers a wide range of organic baking ingredients for a private label strategy. Visitors to the BioFach exhibition will find more information on the advantages of the various novel products on stand 9-435 in Hall 9.

Paleo cocoa: shavings made from pure organic cocoa mass

In response to the increasing demand for chocolate with a high cocoa content, HERZA now offers flakes made from pure organic cocoa mass.

With a cocoa content of 100%, the new product is notable for its authentic cocoa flavour and a high proportion of health-supporting constituents such as polyphenols. As the flakes contain neither sugar nor sugar replacers, they are highly suitable for meeting current food trends such as paleo nutrition.

The product gives muesli and ice cream an intensive cocoa flavour. Used in baked goods, the flakes also create a chocolate-like appearance or a marble effect.

A wide range of organic baking ingredients for private labels

In the field of baking ingredients, HERZA will present a wide choice of small organic chocolate pieces in different shapes and flavours. New additions to the range are stars made of white, milk or dark organic chocolate.

These are complemented by drops, flakes and coated organic chocolate pieces that are also available with different percentages of cocoa.

As private label products, HERZA’s chocolate pieces unlock additional potential in the food industry and the retail trade. They enable manufacturers of organic baking ingredients to extend their range, and organic supermarkets have the option of launching a new range under their own label.

Organic chocolate with a smoothie effect and super fruits

Smoothies made from fruit and vegetables are still fully in line with the trend, especially when they are enriched with superfruits.

HERZA now offers the drinks as a chocolate variant. The basis is white organic chocolate that contains fruit, vegetable and superfruit powder in organic quality and thus additional, health-giving ingredients.

Customers can choose between three different varieties: green smoothie chocolate pieces with wheatgrass, spinach and moringa powder, a red variant with elder, beetroot and raspberries, and yellow organic smoothie pieces containing mango, baobab and pineapple powder.

The gaily coloured products are ideal for muesli, snacks and ice cream. Learn more about these novel products and other offers based on HERZA’s organic range at the BioFach exhibition in Nuremberg from 15–17 February!

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