Health Logics launches stabilised SAM-e 200 mg dietary supplement

Clinically tested SAM-e can lift your mood, especially when sore joints get you down

Health Logics, a healthy-aging dietary supplements brand, announces the launch of its new Stabilized SAM-e 200 mg capsules dietary supplement product. S-adenosylmethionine (SAM-e) works with your body to naturally promote joint, brain and liver function as well as enhance mood and cognition. Although it is made in the human body, due to both diet and aging, SAM-e levels can sometimes run low. Health Logics SAM-e provides a natural solution for replenishing SAM-e in your body.

One of the most important processes SAM-e is involved in is methylation. During methylation SAM-e acts as a methyl donor and supports many chemical reactions. As an essential human methyl donor, SAM-e is critical to a person’s overall health and well-being, particularly when it comes to the care of the brain, joints and liver.

“Stabilized SAM-e is a clinically tested mood and joint care supplement,” said Frank Borzilleri, of Health Logics. “It has been proven to promote joint comfort and mobility, brain health, detoxification and liver protection. In fact, SAM-e has been clinically shown to promote healthy mood in as little as 14 days.”

Health Logics SAM-e veggie capsule delivers a clinically relevant dose of 200 mg SAM-e in a patented stabilized form that does not require enteric coating. To ensure the highest quality SAM-e, Health Logics utilizes Adomix®, a high absorption form of SAM-e produced by Gnosis, an advanced biotech company. Health Logics SAM-e is gluten free, contains no solvents or artificial colors, is non-GMO and is manufactured in a cGMP compliant facility.

"Health Logics’ commitment to supplying high quality, clinically evaluated, clean-label supplements is exemplary,” said Gnosis Vice President, Mike Petteruti. “And as the global leader in SAM-e knowhow and technology, Gnosis shares the vision of providing ‘optimal health and quality of life’ to people. Congratulations and much success with this new product launch."