Herza Schokolade introduces Inspired by Nature chocolate range


The product line focuses on chocolate pieces with fruit components

Herza Schokolade has introduced an organic product line called Inspired by Nature. More and more, the company says, consumers are choosing products that don’t contain household sugar, be they fitness foods like muesli or treats like ice cream, desserts, snacks or baked goods.

Herza suggests sugars should ideally come from natural sources, like coconut flower sugar. Also known as palm sugar, this natural sweetener is derived from the flowers of the coconut palm and is popular with consumers. With its malty, caramel-like flavour, it’s suitable for use with chocolate. Herza’s range includes chocolate pieces in eight flavour compositions show how varied the combination of chocolate and coconut flower sugar can be.

The product line focuses on chocolate pieces with fruit components, like milk chocolate with banana flakes for a crunch effect. The dark chocolate leaves with sour cherry powder are an unusual combination, but the company says the powder adds a “tart fruity note”.

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The chopped dark chocolate pieces with fruity raspberry pieces and vanilla are designed as an accompaniment for ice cream or snack mixes. The range also includes dark chocolate cubes with light ginger and lemon notes, along with dark chocolate leaves with orange oil and crunchy cocoa cores. The milk chocolate chips are designed to contrast, with coffee and cardamon flavours.