Herza Schokolade launches tea and liquorice chocolate pieces


These products are designed to give customers “a wide scope for creative new product ideas”

Herza Schokolade has launched two lines of chocolate pieces with additional flavour notes. Intended for muesli, nut mixes, cookies and ice cream, the products are designed for brands to differentiate their products.

The first product is Herza’s Tasty Tea Time range. Its six different varieties bring together various tea mixtures with the chocolate pieces. African Rooibos Orange combines white chocolate leaves with rooibos and orange oil. Japanese Matcha Peach is a combination of green matcha tea, orange and peach notes in double leaves of white chocolate.

Indian Chai is suitable for ice cream or snacks, and is provided as long, flat squares of milk chocolate with a spicy mix of ginger, cardamom and cloves. The Asian Ginger Lemon variety comprises broad, 50% cocoa dark chocolate squares, designed for hot chocolate drinks. The products are also available in organic versions.

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The company has also introduced a Bitter Sweet Liquorice line. It includes brown buttons of soft milk chocolate with mild liquorice nonpareilles, which the company suggests as a monoproduct or muesli ingredient. Also available are rhombs of black cocoa butter glaze with chili and salty liquorice. The company is also offering chopped pieces of cocoa butter glaze with fruity raspberry bits and intense liquorice flavour.