Hospital to conduct olive polyphenols supplement and COVID-19 clinical study


The Spanish Hospital of Jaen will do a clinical study using a dietary supplement called Alyvium, owned by the company Solvitae Medical, on COVID-19 patients

Hospital to conduct olive polyphenols supplement and COVID-19 clinical study

The clinical study will evaluate Alyvium's efficacy in terms of preventing the progression of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection to severe clinical involvement.

Alyvium includes a specific combination of olive polyphenols and flavonoids and was named a winner at the Nutraingredients Awards in 2017 and a finalist in Asia in 2018.

The double-blind study and placebo controlled clinical trial will recruit positive COVID-19 patients aged 60+. According to the available information, 15% of people of that age and older will progress to severe symptoms and a more serious stage.

The study aims to focus on the first stage of infection when the first symptoms occur and infection is confirmed with positive PCR. Researchers will investigate how many patients progress from mild to severe symptoms.

Diverse parameters will be measured, including cytokines, ferritin, D-Dimer, antioxidant markers, as well as thrombogenicity.

The olive extracts leading company, Genosa, has collaborated in the initiative and design of the protocol. “Its is really encouraging to collaborate in this global dramatic situation. All of us must contribute,” declares Carlos Peña, Genosa CEO.

According to a wide bibliography, olive polyphenols and flavonoids show antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiplatelet aggregation activity, and the three of them have been associated with COVID-19 symptoms.

A strong oxidation effect occurs, together with an imbalanced and exacerbated inflammation, that all lead to lung failure and thrombosis.

Andrés Garrido, Solvitae CEO (Alyvium owner), declares: “We really appreciate the offer from Jaen Hospital. We are very proud to contribute to increase the effectiveness of existing treatments and improve the clinical results of patients. We believe that acting at an earlier stage is very beneficial for the patient directly and for the healthcare system indirectly."

The principal researcher from Hospital of Jaen, Dr Sergio Granados-Principal, adds: “Contrasting scientific evidence demonstrates the healthy properties of the compounds present in the olive and its derivatives, such as extra virgin olive oil, or extracts in the form of nutritional supplements, and support the benefit of its intake."

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"Properties such as the improvement of the immune system, anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, antioxidants, and even antiviral and antibacterial, among others, that remain intact in nutritional supplements such as the one used in our study, lead us to think that they can contribute to contain the progression of COVID-19 from mild manifestations to severe clinical conditions."