Hydrosol inspires with trend-oriented concepts


Hydrosol, an international supplier of customer-specific stabilising and texturing systems, will present solutions for its new beverages product category at this year’s Food Ingredients Europe (FiE)

Hydrosol inspires with trend-oriented concepts

At FiE, Hydrosol, in addition to its beverages solutions will also present exciting new developments for poultry, vegan meat substitute, dairy and whey products.

With these functional systems food manufacturers can easily make products that address current international consumer trends.

New all-in compounds for beverages

In the growing worldwide market for soft drinks and fruit juices, fruit drinks are performing especially well.

Hydrosol’s new Stabifruit line lets beverage manufacturers and dairies benefit from this growing demand.

These all-in compounds contain all the important components for making fruit juice drinks and offer many advantages over concentrates.

Easy to use and store, they contain no preservatives and require only low dosages. The fruit content can be varied depending on the customer’s wishes.

Individual enrichment with vitamins and minerals is also possible. A portfolio of fruit flavours is available including orange, raspberry, banana and currant. The new Stabifruit line of all-in compounds provides the basis for a wide range of fruit drinks whose mouth feel, colour, taste and viscosity leave nothing to be desired.

Poultry products and vegan nuggets

In the meat category, Hydrosol is presenting concepts for making high-quality, economically attractive poultry products and a new concept for vegan products with a meat-like texture.

Poultry products make up the world’s fastest-growing meat category and Hydrosol has developed a wide range of solutions for them. These include injection brines for fresh chicken meat that give increased moistness and tenderness, with outstanding brine retention and individually adjustable yield.

Hydrosol also offers special functional systems for chicken nuggets, ground meat products and schnitzel. These provide excellent binding and a juicy bite, allowing the use of vegetable ingredients in addition to meat and opening up the possibility for innovative product ideas.

The portfolio also includes functional systems for the economic production and long shelf life of poultry sausages. For poultry cold cuts from all-muscle tissue, Hydrosol offers tailored ingredient combinations for high-end premium products as well as cost-optimised recipes.

In the growing meat alternatives category, Hydrosol is presenting new stabilising and texturing systems for the manufacture of products like vegan nuggets, burgers, meatballs or filet strips.

The end products deliver the accustomed bite and a similar texture to meat, and can be pan or deep-fat fried without problems. They can also be used as ingredients for trend-forward convenience solutions. Another plus point is that they contain no flavour enhancers or phosphates.

Sustainable solutions for meat and dairy products

Sustainability is an important issue for consumers. In the meat category, Hydrosol helps address it with meat extension stabilising systems that allow products to be made with substantially less meat. For example, these might be hybrid products with meat or fish and vegetables, making it possible to conserve the valuable resource of meat.

Hydrosol also offers special concepts for the dairy industry. One example is the sustainable marketing of excess whey from cheese and quark production. With the company’s new functional systems, cheese and quark makers can efficiently use their large amounts of leftover rennet and acid whey to bring very different new products to market.

Rennet whey can be used to make products like pudding desserts, beverages, cultured desserts and sour cream. Acid whey can serve as a base for yogurt alternatives.

A great advantage in marketing these products is the good image of whey, specifically whey protein, which is recognised as having excellent nutritional properties. In fact, whey protein is nutritionally superior to protein from whole milk or soy.

Profitable ideas for high-protein products

Proteins are more and more important in new product development and have a wide range of possible uses. According to market studies, dairy products are by far the leading category in high-protein product launches.

There is strong demand for yogurt and drinking yogurt in particular. Hydrosol has developed special functional systems that let manufacturers make a variety of high protein products.

For Greek-style yogurt, which is growing faster than other categories on the German market, the company offers a texturing system using casein that is declaration-friendly and so meets the demand for clean label products.

The fat content is variable from 0–10% and the recipe and texture can be individually adjusted to the customer’s preference. Hydrosol has also developed a stabilising system for making gelatine-free yogurt and drinking yogurt with high protein content.

It contains milk proteins, modified starch, hydrocolloids and vegetable fibres, allowing the individual adjustment of texture and a pleasant mouth feel.

Hydrosol will exhibit at Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) 2017: stand 08.0C61

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