Hydrosol presents stabilising systems for classic and vegan product concepts


Hydrosol, a leading international supplier of customer-specific stabilising and texturing systems, will present a line of very interesting new products at this year’s Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai

Hydrosol presents stabilising systems for classic and vegan product concepts

These include functional systems for desserts, milk and yoghurt drinks, reconstituted cream cheese alternatives, and low-fat mayonnaise without starch.

The company also offers complete solutions for the production of mayonnaise, cooking cream and vegetable whipping cream. For the meat industry, Hydrosol offers stabilising systems for manufacturing poultry products in different price segments, as well as all-in compounds for the production of vegan and meatless sausage. At booth SA 28, trade visitors can learn about the benefits of the various formulations.

Cost-optimised manufacture of poultry products, boiled ham and sausages

As an expert on international poultry applications, Hydrosol offers a wide range of stabilising systems for poultry products like cold cuts, sausages, nuggets and meatballs. This includes functional systems that reduce the production cost of poultry sausages, as well as special ingredient combinations for halal products.

Another focus is the manufacture of boiled ham specialities, ranging from cost-optimised to premium quality recipes. These stabilising systems improve water binding, shaping and sliceability. The functional systems for the cost-optimised production of wieners and hot dogs are likewise centred on economy.

All-in compounds for meatless alternatives

To meet the growing demand for vegetarian and vegan products, Hydrosol has developed a new all-in compound that lets manufacturers offer many different meatless products, including vegetarian sausages as well as vegetarian hamburger for use in many foods, such as vegetarian Bolognese sauce, hearty soups and stews, chili sin carne and lasagne. The product is also ideal for making 'meat crumbles' for tacos, frozen pizza and ravioli. It is freeze-thaw stable and perfectly replicates the flavour and mouth feel of ground meat.

The portfolio also includes new, complete vegan solutions for meatless cold cuts that use pea proteins and other alternatives instead of soy protein. These integrated compounds contain all the components of the overall formulation, including a mild basic seasoning that can be enhanced as desired. Enrichment with nutrients like vitamin B12 and iron is problem-free.

Low-fat mayonnaise without starch

For deli foods, Hydrosol’s stabiliser experts have developed a new starch-free integrated compound that enables the production of high-quality, low-fat mayonnaise. Hydrocolloids and vegetable fibres are used to provide a light, creamy texture with excellent flavour release properties that help the product compare favourably to a full-fat mayonnaise. This new integrated compound can be used to make salad dressings with fat contents as low as 30%.

Complete solutions for reconstituted alternatives to dairy and cheese products

The new all-in compounds for dairy drinks and pudding offer simple application, low-cost manufacture and appealing taste sensations. With the exception of milk and sugar, they contain all ingredients and can be made up with milk or milk powder and water as desired. Fruity, exotic and oriental flavourings are offered. These integrated compounds are also offered in halal versions. Stabilising systems for yogurt drinks are another new line. They let the producer adjust the viscosity as desired without affecting the natural flavour profile.

For countries with low milk production, Hydrosol offers a new stabilising system that permits the simple and economical production of reconstituted cream cheese using standard yogurt technology. Vegetable fat is used instead of milk fat, which substantially reduces costs and gives manufacturers gain significant savings potential.

Vegan alternatives for dairy products

Hydrosol has developed a coconut-based product concept for alternatives to fermented milk products. This vegan dessert is produced just like regular yoghurt. The stabilising system is flexible, allowing the fat content and texture of the final products to be individually adjusted.

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Just like traditional yoghurt, the vegan alternatives can be refined with fruit preparations and the like. The product line is supplemented with ingredient combinations for making sour cream and cooking cream, as well as functional systems for vegan alternatives to whipping cream and mayonnaise.