I Holland webinar to address tableting challenges


More than six decades of research, development and investment has established I Holland as the pre-eminent supplier of punches and dies to producers of tablets across the globe

I Holland webinar to address tableting challenges

Leading manufacturer of tablet tooling for the pharmaceutical industries, I Holland, will host a webinar entitled ‘How to solve tableting problems with innovative solutions’ on 29 September 2016 as part of its 70th anniversary celebrations.

Aimed for the tablet compression industry including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, veterinary, confectionary and industrial sectors, the webinar seeks to provide helpful information and tips for those looking for new innovative solutions to everyday problems.

During the webinar, I Holland will discuss common tableting problems such as increasing output without capital expenditure, eliminating sticking and abrasion, and minimising headwear and corrosion, all of which can be done through innovative means.

Tablet manufacturers are increasingly required to overcome and eliminate these problems with minimal investment to ensure a better quality end product providing direct cost savings and optimised productivity.

The first of this series of three webinars, entitled ‘Improve production efficiency from tablet design to tool maintenance and specification,’ took place on 12 May 2016. Delivering structured advice to the tablet manufacturing industries, the webinar centred on how efficiency in solid dose manufacturing can be improved at the earliest stages of the tablet design process by utilising precise tooling specifications and can still be viewed on demand from I Holland’s website.

As 2016 signifies I Holland’s 70th anniversary in equipping its partners with affordable high quality tooling and technical support service and information, the webinars showcase the tabletting expert’s knowledge in choosing and optimising tablet design and tool material selection, features and configuration and tooling maintenance and lifecycle management.

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‘Webinars are a really easy and efficient way to explore common problems within the tablet manufacturing industry and share knowledge with our industry peers. We find that the interactive question and answer element of the session enable our prospective and existing partners to ask further questions and express common ideas and experiences,’ says Alex Bunting, Marketing Manager, I Holland.