Improve USA launches proven, proprietary Enderma ingredient for healthy ageing and beauty applications


Improve USA processes a full line of aloe vera products for use in the herbal, dietary supplement, nutritional, cosmetic and personal care markets

Improve USA, a subsidiary of Pharmachem Laboratories, has launched Enderma, a clinically proven, proprietary ingredient that rapidly improves skin quality.

Enderma is a scientifically proven ingredient for beauty and healthy ageing applications, which helps to increase moisture retention, improve elasticity and decrease the appearance of wrinkles in the skin.

Enderma delivers rapid results for smoother, softer skin and a more radiant outward appearance. Studies on the ingredient have shown significant improvement in skin health within 7 days.

'Consumers are demanding more authenticity from their health and beauty brands,' said Peter Hafermann, President of Improve USA. 'Scientific evidence and transparency in ingredient sourcing is fuelling industry growth as consumers seek safe, proven, natural ingredients. Brands such as Enderma that are merging traditional plant wisdom with cutting-edge developments in biochemistry and efficacy testing, are experiencing tremendous demand.'

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Although aloe vera has been used for centuries to moisturise and support healthy skin, Enderma brings advanced innovation to this trusted ingredient. Enderma’s proprietary production methods allow the raw materials to be produced gently and responsibly, and help to retain their inherent potency.