Indena highlights Casperome and Phytosome technology at Vitafoods


At Vitafoods this year, Indena (Stand H31) will focus on Casperome and Phytosome technology

At Vitafoods this year, Indena (Stand H31) will focus on Casperome, a standardised extract that perfectly replicates the natural composition of boswellic acids from the gum resin of Boswellia serrata.

Formulated with Phytosome technology to optimise the absorption of active components, Casperome is proven to enhance their activity as they modulate the physiological responses to various challenges. Four published clinical studies and two others that are currently under way support the clinical efficacy of Casperome.

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To learn more about Phytosome technology and Indena’s rigorous approach to R&D during Vitafoods, come and listen to the presentation, 'Phytosome: Bioavailability Improvement of Botanical Derivatives by Means of Lecithin Formulations,' which will take place on Thursday 10 May at 15:45 in the Exhibitor Presentation Theatre.