Indena releases second episode of Phytocast podcast


As part of the company’s centenary celebrations, Indena is releasing a series of podcasts

Indena has released the second episode of its Phytocast podcast, launched last month to celebrate the company’s 100 year anniversary.

Of episode two, titled ‘Quality and Reliability,’ the company said: “It is a journey into the 1920s, when Inverni Della Beffa was founded. The company would go on to revolutionise Italy’s scientific-industrial paradigm, adding quality, rigor and reliability to the production of medicinal plant extracts destined to pharmacies’ formulations and to the country’s budding pharmaceutical industry.

“To celebrate this decade, we selected the Horse chestnut, because it was one of the plants included in the first price list of standardized extracts marketed by Inverni Della Beffa.”

The podcast discusses the first Indena manufacturing plant, built in Milan in 1921, and the its first offerings, including a titrated extract derived from the Horse chestnut, a plant “often found to be lining the beautiful avenues of European cities,” according to the podcast.

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The first episode of Phytocast was released on the 15th January and is titled: ‘A Journey Through Time’. All of the currently-released episodes are available to listen to here.

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