Indena releases third episode of Phytocast podcast


Indena has launched the third Phytocast in it's journey through time: “Scientific Dissemination”

This episode takes us back to the 1930s. Inverni Della Beffa realises that sharing scientific knowledge it's key to its success, and starts an intense editorial activity to make its new valuable contribution to the medical information of the time.

Soon, the first specialised monograph is published and distributed with its catalog.

To celebrate this decade, Indena chose the Artichoke: a plant with an interesting story that intertwines phytotherapy with culture and gastronomy. The Artichoke was the subject of one of the first monographs published by Inverni Della Beffa in 1932, a pillar in the brand’s popular science tradition.

Enjoy the podcast and please feel free to forward it to your contacts all over the world.

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