Ingredion introduces multifunctional rice flours


The ingredients are suitable for dry and wet baby food applications, and designed to enable clean label formulations

Ingredion introduces multifunctional rice flours

Ingredion EMEA has expanded its portfolio of functional starches and flours with the introduction of Homecraft Create 835 and Homecraft Create 865 multifunctional rice flours, which are designed to help manufactures produce clean label baby food products.

Suitable for dry foods like cook-up cereals, but with a focus on wet baby food applications, the multifunctional rice flours provide the viscosity, process tolerance and stability of a modified starch, Ingredion claims, but with a consumer-preferred rice flour label.

Constantin Drapatz, Senior Regional Manager, Clean & Simple, said: “European regulation ensures the nutritional composition and safety of foods specifically manufactured for infants and young children. Additionally, consumer demand for baby and infant foods that have a clean label, with rice seen as closest link to naturality for consumers and therefore a key criterion in baby food formulation.

“Not only can Homecraft Create 835 and Homecraft Create 865 multifunctional rice flours help support our customers’ compliance with EU regulations and the need for innovation in the baby food market, but they also support clean label claims, are gluten-free, multifunctional and contain approximately 7% protein content. Thus, they can help manufacturers increase market appeal while benefitting from additional functionalities and manufacturing efficiencies when replacing regular rice products, while maintaining the desired sensory experience.”

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Homecraft Create 835 multifunctional rice flour is suitable for retorted wet baby food such as jars, pouches, sweet, savoury, meat, ready meals and desserts, as well as toddler and children’s food. The 865 variation is suitable for applications of meat, savoury, dairy, bakery products for infants, toddlers and children.