Ingredion joins European allulose consortium


The alliance will petition the EU to approve allulose as a novel food

Ingredion, Cosun Beet Company, Matsutani Chemical Industry and Samyang Corporation have announced the formation of a consortium which aims to help bring allulose to the EU and UK markets and support its nutritional labelling as a carbohydrate.

Allulose is authorised as a food ingredient in many countries worldwide, including Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, and the US. It's additionally under regulatory evaluation in several other countries and regions. In addition, the ingredient is GRAS (generally recognised as safe) by the Flavor Extract Manufacturers Association as a flavouring in beverages and milk products.

The Allulose Novel Food Consortium’s members say a single, joint, proprietary European Union novel food application could accelerate the approval process, saving time and cost for members. In addition, members argue approval as a novel food ingredient would benefit European and global food industries because of allulose's potential in wider application areas. This level of regulatory approval would also be very influential to other international food regulators, the consortium suggests, helping bring the ingredient to global markets. The development of reduced-calorie / reduced-sugar foods could also support any government policies for sugar reduction.

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ANFC’s next goal is to petition for the exemption of allulose from sugar labelling in the EU/UK market, to match the situation in the US and South Korea.