Ingredion launches Stablesweet low sugar glucose syrup


The product is designed for food applications such as chewy sweets, lollipops, jellies and gummies

Ingredion EMEA is expanding its portfolio of sugar reduction and specialty sweeteners solutions across Middle East and Africa, with the launch of Stablesweet LD low sugar glucose syrup. Derived from corn, the glucose syrup is designed to enable manufacturers to produce shelf-life stable products while reducing sugar content.

Stablesweet syrup is suitable for applications such as chewy sweets, lollipops, hard boiled candy, jellies and gummies and reportedly delivers increased shininess and transparency.

Rodolfo Garza, Regional Growth Platform Leader, Marketing, at Ingredion EMEA, said: “Even in varying hot climates across the Middle East and Africa, Stablesweet LD low sugar glucose syrup delivers product stability, which means that the same formulation can be used across different markets. It also reduces stickiness and sugar recrystallisation of the final product, while providing improved colour and shelf-life stability.”

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Stablesweet LD is a 32 DE glucose syrup, with a similar functionality and processability to conventional glucose syrups and features a low monosaccharide and disaccharide content, the company says.