Innovative clean label and vegan ingredient set to reduce fat in ready meals

Food manufacturers are continuing to feel the pressure to meet nutritional targets from both government regulation and consumer expectations

Ulrick & Short’s latest fat replacer, delyte 9, has already proved it can achieve 50% fat reduction in desserts. Now, however, the ingredient can achieve this in ready meal applications too.

The tapioca-based product boasts the ability to reduce dairy fats by up to 50% in ready meals, with little to no effect on product quality.

Delyte 9 is already in being used in multiple different lines with large manufacturers as it is inherently versatile making it appropriate for a whole range of factory processes.

Delyte 9 is clean label and has a back of back ingredient declaration as simply ‘tapioca starch’.

It is also non-GM, allergen free and vegan friendly, something that co-owner and Director, Adrian Short, says is becoming increasingly relevant: “The fact that delyte 9 has no allergens and vegan friendly is no coincidence. Consumers and especially millennials are becoming increasingly more conscious of what they eat and are considering factors like animal welfare, sustainability and health in their food choices."

"By developing a product that fits into all of these categories, it appeals to a wider audience.”

Short adds: “Whereas before, consumers had come to expect the low fat alternative means a compromise on the eating experience, now the expectation is that the standard product is low fat without compromise. This has now become the norm rather than the exception.”

“The challenge is if you have a creamy sauce and a meat product, you won’t hit the right fat levels unless you reduce the fat in both the meat and the sauce, so some of the challenges can be quite diverse regarding functionality, for different applications coming together in one product. Delyte 9 is a great product for achieving all round fat reduction.”

Ulrick & Short is the leading British-owned starch specialist, supplying household name food manufacturers across the world with clean label and naturally gluten-free, non-GM ingredients, and innovating across a diverse range of food industry sectors including bakery meat, dairy, soups, and sauces.

The company has a team of dedicated sector specialists and food technologists based in the UK to provide comprehensive on-site technical support to help customers maximise value and product development.