Innovative ingredient range brings luxury to lower fat foods

As the fight against obesity continues, food manufacturers are seeking effective ways of reducing fat content across multiple food products – with the condition that lower fat should not mean lower quality or enjoyment

Leading British owned clean label ingredient specialist Ulrick & Short has the answer with its innovative fat replacer delyte 9, bringing enhanced indulgence to lower fat foodstuffs everywhere.

A tapioca based non-GM clean label starch, delyte 9 is suitable as a substitute ingredient for the majority of fats, including butter, oil, cream and milk solids, whilst also enhancing the formulation with increased body and texture.

Aside from the clear advantages of reduced fat and calories, delyte 9 can be used to co-texturise in its own right thanks to its innate stability.

A multitude of foodstuffs can benefit from reduced fat levels through the specification of delyte 9, including sauces, soups, ready meals and of course sweet applications.

This gluten free ingredient is also eminently suitable for vegetarian, dairy free and even vegan products – in fact for sweet and savoury foods of almost any description.

It is particularly valued in sauces as the starch binds water and helps to trap fat content within the sauce without altering its viscosity.

The secret of fat replacement lies in achieving a balance between reducing the traffic light rating on fat content whilst maintaining the levels of mouthfeel, texture and taste associated with premium products.

Too little fat and dairy products in particular will start to lose flavour, body and creaminess.

Apart from being very easy to use — as a starch it can be added to a process alongside dry ingredients — delyte 9 can be applied in ratios as small as 1-2% to add body and creaminess to food products that require a luxury touch.

Adrian Short, Ulrick & Short director, added: “Like Ulrick & Short’s other ingredients, the delyte range is designed to be neutral in application, maximising flavour whilst minimising change to taste or texture. As well as supporting overall label simplification, delyte 9 can also help to forge a healthier traffic light classification."

"In use, it reduces not just the fat content but calories too, thus making it the ideal choice to help meet nutritional targets. Offering hot, cold and frozen process tolerance, delyte 9 is allergen-free and highly functional."

“Low fat no longer means low expectations, and the potential health benefits of improving the nutritional profile of food cannot be questioned. Our extended range of delyte fat replacers brings the most comprehensive solution available on the market today and will undoubtedly help to underpin a shift towards lower fat, higher indulgence food products that will help in the ongoing fight against obesity.”

Ulrick & Short is the leading British-owned starch specialist, supplying household name food manufacturers across the world with naturally gluten-free non-GM ingredients, and innovating across a diverse range of food industry sectors including bakery, meat, dairy, soups and sauces.

The company has a team of dedicated sector specialists and food technologists based in Yorkshire and works hand in hand with customers to maximise value from product development.