International Sports Nutrition Summit and FIBO China Expo set for Shanghai


HPA-China is hosting its annual “International Sports Nutrition Industry Summit” in Shanghai on 15 August 2018

The summit is made possible by sponsors Glanbia, GNC and NSF International as well as partners China Gate Consulting, FIBO China Expo, and Reed-SinoPharm Exhibitions.

Sports nutrition has been growing in China at more than 40% for the last few years and is conservatively estimated to be worth in excess of $200 million (2017).

For this reason, the association continues to build bridges and extend its involvement and member benefits in this sector.

Many factors have encouraged the above mentioned explosive growth. Mainly, the Chinese government’s push for a “Healthy China 2030” has encouraged waves of citizens to partake in marathons, yoga, cross fit and other fitness programmes.

Also, investment is on the rise with many International brands entering the market and Chinese acquisitions have kept the sector moving at the pace of an ironman athlete.

Presentation topics include, Regulatory Environment, Cross Border E-commerce, Consumer Trends, Market Size and Growth, Fitness Industry Insights, Manufacturing in China, Distribution, Quality and Product Testing, Introduction to FIBO and much more.

The summit includes two 30 minute networking refreshment breaks and 90 minute lunch. Plenty of opportunities to catch up with new and old friends.

This year’s Summit will take place at the Regal International East Asia Hotel (5 star) located in the centre of Shanghai at 516 Hengshan Road Xuhui District.

The timing of the event is strategic as it is positioned the day before FIBO China Expo starts.

This gives attendees one full day at the Summit followed by 3 days at FIBO China Expo. The overall schedule is perfect especially for those flying in from overseas.

So much can be accomplished in 4 days. It really makes the trip worth it.

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Attendees will be from both international and domestic ingredient as well as finished product manufacturers, as well as distributors, e-commerce retailers, fitness centers and government officials, so there will be ample opportunities to network and explore business opportunities.