Introducing Lynside ProteYn from Lesaffre Human Care

An exciting alternative derived from yeast to replace plant-based and animal protein sources

Lesaffre Human Care, supplier of quality ingredients from yeast and bacteria fermentation for the global human care markets, is excited to announce the launch of their latest innovation at HiE: yeast proteins.

Building on more than 160 years of experience in the yeast field, LHC developed a true game-changer for the protein market, which is currently driven by animal and vegetable sources of protein.

With consumers turning away from animal proteins, we have witnessed the rise of plant-based proteins such as soy protein and pea protein.

More recently, a multitude of new protein sources — from algae, mycelium, insects, etc. — have also become more prominent. However, some of them must overcome significant hurdles such as functional and organoleptic drawbacks as well as consumers’ potential concerns over safety and psychological factors.

To get a better understanding of market trends, opportunities and the benefits of ingredients currently on the market, David Jago, Innovation director at Mintel, will be on Lesaffre Human Care’s stand (D36) on Tuesday 29 November at 13:30 to give visitors the lowdown on proteins.

Lynside ProteYn is a range of high-quality proteins derived from yeasts and therefore extremely promising as it builds upon nutritional yeasts’ notoriety.

Nutritional yeasts are indeed very well-known and they have been trusted by consumers for decades to help with both targeted benefits and overall well-being. Designed to cater to modern consumers who are increasingly interested in non-animal sources of proteins, while seeking reassurance regarding the quality, safety and origin of the products they choose, Lesaffre Human Care’s yeast proteins are ideal for virtually any individual (time-crunched active adult, senior, dieter, etc.) wishing to increase his/her overall protein intake.

The Lynside ProteYn range is guaranteed to be non-GMO and free from anti-nutritional factors such as protease inhibitors, phytates, etc., and is produced without pesticides or antibiotics for growth. Lynside ProteYn is also vegan/vegetarian/flexitarian-friendly, gluten, soy and dairy free.

Unlike the majority of plant-based proteins, Lynside ProteYn ingredients are complete proteins containing all nine essential amino acids and compare well with other protein sources. Indeed, their chemical score is above 100% and their Protein Digestibility–Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCASS) greater than 1, which is similar to dairy proteins and much higher than all plant-based proteins.

It is worth noting that Lynside ProteYn contains significant amounts of all branched chain amino-acids (BCAA): leucine, valine and isoleucine, as these three components play an important part in muscle synthesis and sports recovery.

Not only do yeast proteins offer a complete amino-acid profile and high digestibility score, they are also packed with other micronutrients such as naturally occurring fibres, B-vitamins and minerals (iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium).

Beyond these outstanding nutritional properties, Lynside ProteYn also offers the benefit of having a low environmental impact, thanks to a very specific and perfectly mastered manufacturing process. It can therefore be considered as a sustainable protein, compared withother more resource-intensive and environmentally impactful sources.

This is particularly important considering the projected growth of the global population by 2050, which leaves the food and beverage industry faced with a major challenge: find a solution to meet the protein needs of nearly 10 billion people in a sustainable, affordable and healthy way.

In addition to rolling out this game-changing source of protein, Lesaffre Human Care will also showcase its range of probiotic ingredients designed to address some of the most prevalent consumers’ health concerns and backed by strong scientific and clinical data: LifeinU Bacillus subtilis CU1, clinically proven to boost the immune system in healthy seniors, LifeinU L. rhamnosus GG for immune and digestive health, as well as ibSium, a proprietary ingredient with clinically proven efficiency on abdominal pain and discomfort, and Lynside Pro SCB for diarrhoea management.

Visitors will also be able to learn more about Lynside NUTRI ORGANIC, Ecocert-certified organic nutritional yeast.

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