Israeli collaboration releases chickpea protein non-dairy beverage line

The product line is based on Innovopro's CP-Pro 70 chickpea protein concentrate

Two Israeli companies, Wyler Farms and Innovopro, have entered into a collaboration for the launch of non-dairy products in the Israeli market.

Food tech start-up, Innovopro's CP-Pro 70 chickpea protein concentrate, based on proprietary technology, is part of a new non-dairy beverage product line to be launched by Wyler Farms in Israel.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about sustainability and environmental issues and about how their own actions can contribute to reducing negative environmental impacts.

"Innovopro's chickpea protein enables a sustainable supply chain, starting from the raw material itself, through the chickpea protein production that has a lower environmental impact than other utilisation methods, to its use as the base ingredient for clean-label food products with shorter and healthier ingredient lists, for the health of the global market" says Taly Nechushtan, Innovopro's CEO.

"Innovopro's CP-Pro 70 is a functional plant-based protein and together with its unique neutral taste it's the perfect emulsification agent as well for the non-dairy industry," said Nechushtan.

"The cooperation between Innovopro and Wyler Farms is the perfect alliance to offer consumers with non-dairy alternatives," says Gilad Tzory, CEO of Wyler Farms. "It will allow us to launch a unique non-dairy milk alternative for the Israeli market in order to meet the increasing demand for delicious and nutritious non-dairy products. CP-Pro 70 chickpea protein, with its high functionality and clean-label properties, has enabled us to successfully develop groundbreaking products. These are the first products of their kind in the Israeli market, and more new and exciting product launches are expected in the coming months."