KD Pharma acquires phytoextract and CBD manufacturing assets

The transaction is aimed to advance KD Pharma’s cannabinoid manufacturing strategy

The KD Pharma Group has acquired the manufacturing assets of a Swiss-based cannabinoid manufacturer. The assets give KD Pharma access to technology for producing APIs based on phytocannabinoids and other plant extracts. The technology further expands KD’s lipid technology portfolio and can be used in combination with its other fractionation and separation technologies.

Oscar Groet, CEO of the KD Pharma Group said: “We have committed to expanding our technology portfolio to develop APIs from cannabinoids and plant extracts, and these assets give KD Pharma additional pathways to develop new products for this emerging market.”

The KD Pharma Group has also licensed an extraction method from Herbolea Biotech and expects to have a complete, licensed cGMP manufacturing facility online by the end of the year.