Katra Phyto and Gee Lawson announce their partnership in Europe

Both companies are delighted with this new partnership

Katra Phyto, a leading and fully integrated carotenoid company from Bangalore, India, and Gee Lawson, the nutritional subsidiary of the Lehvoss Group, have reached an agreement for Gee Lawson to develop their business across Europe into food, pharma, cosmetics and supplementation.

Jonathan Shorts, Head of the Nutrition Group, said: ‘This is an area where we believe Katra have uniquely positioned themselves and are working continuously to improve product from the seed through to formulation. Development is at the forefront of both our agendas and we hope to launch new products in 2017 to satisfy the ever increasing demands from both brands and consumers. This is an exciting time for the group.’

Ramesh Vangal, Chairman of Katra Group, said: ‘We see great prospects for collaboration with Lehvoss/Gee Lawson across Europe. Gee Lawson brings deep insight on nutritionals, strategies for research backed value addition and a large customer network. In addition, other Katra group companies actively work with a wide range of medicinal herbals and formulations validated by extensive research and clinical trials.’