Kemin BetaVia Complete reduces sick days in clinical trial

New study shows algae beta-glucan ingredient supports immune health

A recent immune-health clinical trial focused on BetaVia Complete, the proprietary strain of Euglena gracilis from Kemin Industries, showed that people supplementing with BetaVia Complete had 70% fewer upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms, nearly four less sick days and 10 fewer URTI symptom days in a 90-day period.

“This study builds upon the body of evidence for BetaVia Complete and further supports the efficacy of 1,3 beta glucan as an immunomodulator with the capacity to modify the function of the immune system,” said Kelli Herrlinger, Director of Clinical Research, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health. “These results confirm that BetaVia Complete would be a great fit for consumer products formulated to support immune health.”

The 90-day randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial used the validated Wisconsin Upper Respiratory Symptoms Survey (WURSS) to collect self-reported information on active adults’ URTI experience. The WURSS assesses symptoms, symptom severity and functional impact associated with URTI. Statistically significant results showed fewer sick days, fewer URTI symptoms and fewer days experiencing symptoms with BetaVia Complete, compared to the placebo group.

“With increasing consumer demand for products that are both plant-based and offer immune support, we are excited by the study results, which show BetaVia Complete may give people around the world an opportunity to live a healthier life,” said Josh Swalla, Product Manager of BetaVia ingredients, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health.

BetaVia Complete, which supports a healthy immune system, is the newest addition to Kemin Human Nutrition and Health’s portfolio of functional ingredients. BetaVia Complete is a proprietary, nutrient-rich algae (Euglena gracilis) with greater than 50% 1,3 beta glucan content. Grown in the Kemin-patented fermentation process, BetaVia Complete supports immune health by priming key immune cells, promoting cell signaling and providing nutritional support.

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