Kerfoot Group predicts borage oil market growth

According to retail intelligence agency Grand View Research, the borage oil market is projected to surpass a value of $54.9m by 2024

Kerfoot Group has shared insight into borage oil, also known as starflower oil, designating it ‘one to watch’ for 2021.

The ingredient is finding use as a food supplement thanks to its nutritional profile, in addition to use in personal care and cosmetic formulations. The oil reportedly restores moisture and smoothness to dry and damaged skin by reducing trans-epidermal water loss.

Dora Bert, Supplier Development Manager at Kerfoot Group, commented: “What we are seeing is a real upswing in demand for Borage Oil, and we expect this to accelerate through the coming year. Our role as a market leader means we always need to stay ahead of consumer demand. We are seeing Borage Oil making real inroads with the consumer, which should capture the attention of personal care brands of every size.

“We know that consumers today are putting a close focus on nutritional content. Borage Oil shines here, with generous gamma linoleic acid (GLA) content. The versatile oil can prove a powerful addition to personal care formulations and is beginning to gather real pace. It’s a natural hydrator, but it’s also a mild anti-inflammatory that’s kind on sensitive skin. We expect the oil to continue its strong performance through 2021.”

Kerfoot operates as a supply partner across the personal care sector, with a portfolio of natural oils and ingredients. The company also provides technical expertise and stockholding to support businesses.

Dora added: “As new product development kicks back into high gear in the personal care products industry, Borage Oil is set to play a more prominent role moving forwards. We’re proud to offer it in our portfolio in 19% and 22% GLA concentrations. By meeting the consumer demand for performance and authenticity, while also offering the versatility that brands need, Borage Oil is proving one to watch. We are excited to see how its global market penetration continues as we move forwards, and we look forward to supporting personal care brands on this innovation journey.”