Kroner-Starke expands organic offerings


The organic food manufacturer has announced an enhanced range of organic starches, gluten and proteins alongside a food chain transparency boost

Kroner-Starke expands organic offerings

Kröner-Stärke has reacted to consumer concerns over sustainability and transparency in the food chain with an enhanced range of organic starches and gluten and texturised proteins.

In order to address transparency concerns of these raw organic materials, the company has implemented a range of scrutiny measures including unannounced visits to the fields for an evaluation of realistic yield. A further quality check is the inclusion of a standardised organic checkpoint which verifies products along the supply chain.

These measures mean that the company can offer complete transparency from ‘field to factory’ with the utmost confidence.

The company has also teamed up with its main organic suppliers to develop efficient logistics systems to reliably supply the demand for organics without compromise. The systems help avoid cross-contamination during the movement of products, but also lead to cost reductions.

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The firm has established key supply chains within organic trade associations, Bioland and Naturland to increase the range of produce. Therefore, the company’s entire product portfolio is now available in certified organic form. The organic portfolio now includes a wide range of native and pregelatinised starches, wheat proteins, texturised protein, pregelatinised flours and ready prepared baking mixes.