LIVE FROM VITAFOODS: Lallemand launches oral health probiotics

Now able to offer a mouth to gut digestive well-being approach

Canadian company Lallemand Health Solutions has added oral health to its portfolio of probiotic products to complement its gut health range. The new products combine proprietary documented probiotic strains and adapted dosage forms to maintain the oral microflora balance and support oral health. The company says it is now able to provide a holistic ‘digestive well-being’ approach from the mouth to the gut.

Oral health conditions (e.g. tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontal diseases, halitosis and candidiasis) affect billions worldwide and have a significant negative impact on people’s health, but also on their quality of life, well beyond the 'nice teeth' aesthetic consideration.

Most oral health conditions appear to have a bacterial component and a balanced oral microflora seems to be a key to maintaining good oral health.

In this context, certain probiotic properties and mechanisms of action (competition with pathogens, anti-microbial activity, immuno-modulation) appear relevant to the issue of tooth decay, the company says.

The idea of applying a probiotic to maintain oral health is becoming increasingly popular among the dental profession and consumers. It represents a positive approach compared with the common antiseptic approach and is a more natural, targeted and gentle way to maintain a positive microflora balance.

Two recent studies conducted in children with a combination of probiotic strains from Lallemand Health Solutions portfolio indicated an efficacy in reducing the salivary count of cariogenic bacteria S. mutans (Jindal et al., 2011) and reducing dental plaque formation, when compared to placebo, and to traditional antiseptic mouth rinse (Thakkar, et al., 2013).

Lallemand's oral health range contains proprietary documented strains, various Lactobacilli and two Streptococci salivarius, whose properties and modes of action are relevant to the oral microflora balance (e.g. H2O2 synthesis, inhibition of certain oral pathogens and anti-inflammatory activity). The company also has the expertise to formulate these strains into adapted dosage forms (e.g. xylitol-based orodispersible powders and chewable tablets).

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