Lallemand ComboCap Biotics - the Future of Probiotics

Visit Lallemand Health Solutions at Supply Side 3865

Lallemand Health Solutions, a vertically integrated lab to shelf probiotic manufacturer, will be at Supply Side West, booth 3865, from 17-18 October. The company will be unveiling ComboCap Biotics at the show, the first dual-chamber, wet-and-dry transparent capsule with a moveable membrane. This is a solution to combine probiotics with incompatible ingredients without further processing, to retain their identity and efficacy for an unlimited range of probiotic possibilities. Discuss with the team how you can create new brand categories in combination supplements.


Lallemand's business and product development experts will be ready to discuss new partnerships, licensing opportunities and the science behind probiotics for gut health, natural defenses, brain-gut-axis, women’s health, sports, skin health and oral health. Learn how working with a lab to shelf, vertically integrated manufacturer can provid a unique scientifically developed probiotic formula to kick start any brand.

Learn the Science behind ComboCap Biotics on 17 October at 15:30 at the Probiotics Theatre (booth 5646)

Bérengère Feuz, Marketing Director, Lallemand Health Solutions will be presenting the science, features and technical information behind ComboCap Biotics. Visitors can learn about and ask questions on this new emerging product technology with like-minded probiotic scientists.

News on the Brain-Gut Axis and PROBIO STICK

Confused about the brain-gut axis and the role that probiotics plays? Lallemand has new clinical studies and mechanistic data to share to help understand this health category. Lallemand Health Solutions pioneered the first-ever clinical study on the brain-gut axis which demonstrated PROBIO STICK promoted a positive mood during stressful events. The company further documented the specific benefits of three probiotic combinations or strains (Probio Stick, Lacidofil and Bifidobacterium bifidum Rosell-71) with an impressive track-record of publications: 17 mechanistic studies and 5 clinical studies. PROBIO’STICK products are available in powders, sticks, sachets, capsules and chewable tablets.

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