Lallemand launches probiotic oral health applications

New Oral Health solutions have been designed to maintain the oral microflora balance and support oral health, providing consumers with a holistic ‘digestive well-being’ approach from the mouth to the gut

Lallemand Health Solutions has launched an addition to its portfolio of probiotics. Combining proprietary probiotic strains, novel dosage forms and formulation capabilities, the new Oral Health solutions have been designed to maintain the oral microflora balance and support oral health, providing consumers with a holistic ‘digestive well-being’ approach from the mouth to the gut.

Most oral health conditions (tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontal diseases, halitosis and candidiasis) appear to have a bacterial component, and a balanced oral microflora seems to be key to maintaining good oral health. In this context, certain probiotic properties and mechanisms of action appear to be related to oral cavity issues.


The idea of applying a probiotic to maintain oral health is becoming increasingly popular among the dental profession and consumers. It represents a proactive approach compared with more common antiseptic treatments and appears to be more natural, targeted and gentle. Two recent clinical studies conducted in children with a combination of probiotic strains from Lallemand Health Solutions indicate a reduction in salivary S. mutans and decreased dental plaque formation when compared with a placebo and a traditional antiseptic mouthwash.

The new Oral Health offer contains a range of proprietary Lallemand strains, various Lactobacilli and Streptococci salivariu, whose properties and modes of action are relevant to the oral microflora balance. In addition to this unique portfolio, Lallemand Health Solutions can formulate these strains into novel dosage forms, making it possible to develop innovative solutions to satisfy consumer demand for natural, gentle, preventive oral care solutions to maintain a positive oral environment and microflora, which can contribute to good overall oral health.

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